The Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee (SHOC) mission is to amplify the voice of the homeless and low income community to accomplish economic and social justice.

Some of the following activities have been suspended or altered due to the pandemic. Weekly meetings take place on zoom, along with bimonthly writing workshops. Amazingly we are still accomplishing a great deal!

Homeward Street Journal educates the public on issues of poverty and homelessness, social justice, and features the work of SHOC and our community partners. We publish up to 8,000 papers every two months. The paper provides an income source to homeless and nearly homeless distributors, helping them to meet their immediate survival needs. In 2016, 21,890 papers were sold by distributors who received $1 or more for each paper from the public. We have had 73 distributors active in 2016. We share articles internationally through the International Network of Street Papers as members, but rely mostly on local writers.

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